Objectives of International River Basin Foundation

To establish Associations, Forums, Centers to create awareness and provide technical services related to water resource Conservation and management and Quality Improvement, Agriculture, Natural resources conservation, GIS and Remote Sensing, Climate Change, Environment, Health and Sanitation, Bio-diversity, Biotechnology, Information Technology and related issues etc., to peoples, organizations, Government locally, Nationally and Internationally.

To undertake, contribute and participate to the water, Agriculture and above or related policy issues by organizing various events, ICT tools, research projects, development and Extension efforts to produce assessments, results, reports and briefs to support national and International policy decisions.

To contribute to increase knowledge and to make aware the people on water-related and on all above relevant issues worldwide, through efficient monitoring and reporting mechanisms and for water-related indicators, data and information internationally.

To establish a platform for discussion to fight various water related problems including scarcity, losses, management, Conservation, Storage, harvesting, Sanitation health, pollution, ground water depletion, surface and river water quality etc.,

To prepare expertise globally to provide solutions to undertake, contribute and increase participation to policy issues on Ecosystem. Land Degradation, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Water and Integrated Water Resource Management and related issues by organizing various events, research projects, development and Extension to produce assessments, results, reports and briefs to support policy decisions at local, regional, national and International level.

To establish Advisory and Consultancy services to provide Technical advice, Trainings, Education, Publications, Data, information etc., on all above or relevant issues.

To Collect, publish, review, summaries the reports and the findings of research, studies, development, Technology transfer, news Letters, monographs, Journals etc,.

To enhance knowledge, Participatory role and Capacity building to promote sustainable use of ecosystem and its components and services to improve the benefits to government and society at local levels, nationally and Internationally.